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Supported sensors

On RVC2, the firmware has to have sensor configuration in order to support the given camera sensor. Currently, we support sensor configurations out-of-the-box (in firmware) for the camera sensors listed below.
Name Resolution Sensor Type Size Max FPS
IMX3784056x3040color1/2.3" (11.0 mm)60 (@ 1920x1080)
OV92821280x800mono1/4" (6.3 mm)120 (@ 640x400)
IMX2144208x3120color1/3.06" (8.3 mm)35 (@ 1920x1080)
OV7251640x480mono1/7.5" (3.4 mm)117 (@ 640x400)
IMX4774056x3040color1/2.3" (11.0 mm)60 (@ 1920x1080)
OV97821280x800color1/4" (6.3 mm)120 (@ 640x400)
AR02341920x1200color1/2.6" (9.8 mm)60 (@ 1920x1200)
IMX5825312x6000color1/1.2" (21.2 mm)42 (@ 3840x2160)
IMX4621920x1080color1/2.8" (9.1 mm)30 (@ 1920x1080)
IMX5774056x3040color1/2.3" (11.0 mm)60 (@ 1920x1080)

Other sensors

Driver/tuning available but not yet tested/integrated:
IMX334Not testedrolling3840x2160
IMX390Not testedrolling1937x1217
IMX412Not testedrolling4056x3040
SC2232HNot testedrolling1936x1086
OV2735Not testedrolling1920x1080
SC5335Not testedrolling2592x1944
SC8238Not testedrolling3840x2160
Interested in a "Not tested" sensor, or a sensor not listed above? Please send an email to support@luxonis.com.